Monday, July 14, 2008

TF MasterForce Overlord Review

The long awaited review... D-307 Masterforce Powermaster Overlord

Base Mode

The 2 Powermasters....

I thought this review is just a plain normal Transformers review but I was wrong. During the transformations, mishap has happened. I broke 2 clips, which really pissed me off. One clip off the ramp and another inner clip of the jet broke as well. Both can be fixed thru extra duty super glue. As much as I love to play this, I forgot this monster is 20 years old vintage toy.

The transformation is quite straight forward but remember to put on powermaster during some tranformation or else like me clip will get broken.

The smaller parts are the ones easier to lose. As I started this piece from scratch, I managed to salvage most of the parts from ebay, still left a few though. I'm glad what I have right now and happy to say its a decent piece.

TF Animated Jazz Review

Remember G1 Jazz? Quite resemblance?Jazz with his nunchakus!

Much has been said about this Animated series toys. The transformation is pretty okay. Not that simple and not that tough. The paint job is decent, quite a bit of articulation compare to G1 or G2 of course. With the price you paying for a deluxe, do not expect any great near perfect toy u going to get especially everything is made in China nowadays. In fact I'm pretty happy to review this Jazz as its quite identical to G1 Jazz and its cute features. The 2 nunchakus weapons are quite cool as well. I guess my money is now starting with Animated series....