Monday, February 16, 2009

Transformers Energon Grimlock & Swoop

I never really seen this in the series as I didn't really finish the series anyways. The deal is sometimes when you relate to Grimlock and Swoop, the toy will be a HOT item. This twin pack was fast sold out in the market. If lucky enough, toy shops might had it in a slightly higher price.

I had this for a while before I sold it last year. I prefer the vintage Dinobots than this.

Coke Coca-Cola Metal Signs

Coke Metal Signs to me are quite memorable than cans. Unlike cans, metal signs are only available to Coke Stores so getting one is uneasy.

Plain Coca Cola Metal Sign...Vintage "Old-School" Coke Bottle Metal Sign, I prefer this one. Mainly because my interest in old items.

Gifts from my brother in US, bought from Coke Shop in US.

Coke NYC Times Square Post Card

A lovely Coke Edition NYC Times Square Post Card. Picture is partially chromed. A gift from my brother from US.