Thursday, May 24, 2007

Transformers Victory Series Victory Leo with box

Victory Leo with box. This is one of the last pieces I collect from the Victory Series.

Transformers Victory Deathsaurus / Dezaras

It took me a while to build this Deathsaurus from scratch. As I don't have the huge budget to get this complete, it takes me a while to get the accesories. Even so, I'm still missing its weapon and the lion cassette. Yet, looking at it now, I'm quite satisfied!

Transformers Takara Micromaster Return Of Convot MT-06

MT-06, I dunno wut are the names of this Micromasters. Got this as MISB but box is c-5 to c-6. Anyone mind to tell me who are this guys?

Tranformers G1 Victory Leo Kaiser

My Leo Kaiser, I will update the picture once I take it with my new camera tonight. The infamous Victory Series combiner, Leo Kaiser. An arch rival of Autobot's Road Caesar, which is also a rare combiner. It took me a while to get this set from a local collector. Love it.