Sunday, March 8, 2009

Transformers Tomy Takara E-Hobby Encore G1 Sunstorm Collector Series

Tomy Takara finally did something good! Reissuing Sandstorm was the very least expected. Now no longer need to spend around US 150 on it from ebay. I guess many G1 collectors or fanatics like me will like this. Till all are one!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Transformers Tomy Takara E-Hobby Encore Black G1 Megatron Collector Series

Something that I never thought of they would reissue this. A black G1 Megatron E-Hobby Exclusive! For this, I had the complete series of G1 Megatron. Red and blue leg version and now black version.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Transformers Henkei Hound And Ravage Tomy Takara

Probably the hardest to get in the whole entire Henkei series. I had been very low profile on my Transformers collection lately. I had sold quite a number of my collections but I do keep up with a few collections as well. Stay tuned, more toys will be revealed.

After a few weeks of searching, I found Henkei Hound with a reasonable price. The price for this has gone up quite a bit due to shortage in the market right now. Will update the rest very soon. Thanks for reading

MegaHouse Mospeada 1/15 Ray and Stick Variable Action

Megahouse Stick And Ray 1/15

I haven't got time to play with it yet. In my room eating dust now.

I have a few collections of Mospeada. Even though I'm a fan of it, not as huge as Transformers and Thundercats.