Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ironman Limited Edition??

Got this loose figure from a collector lately and I was told it is a limited edition Ironman. It has been weeks since I blog about toys. Before my "toy fans" started to ditch my blog, let me start blogging about some stuffs I got lately. Well, I'm a small fan of Marvel so there is so much to learn about Marvel. Anyways, the weird metallic painting of this figure hooked me up on buying this.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Aoshima's Mospeada 3 Aircrafts....

Robot mode
Side ways

It took me a while to think and consider of getting this nice planes. Well, after a good offer, I bought them all. Well, I must say it is my first Mospeada stuffs and Aoshima is famous for its craftmanship and quality.

To my surprise, it does give me the fragile feel when I transformed this monster. I have been very careful to the toy and the workmanship is not as good as expected. It diecast and the details of the aircraft is good. The joints are not as good as it looks though. One thing for sure is in robot, it is hard to stand nicely.

Anyhow this is always one of the better pieces before? Its Mospeada anyways!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Transformers Hasbro Tri Pack! OP, Starscream and Arcee

Damn Huge BOX!!!
When I head of this coming out, I was reluctant to buy... until I saw the pack, I just bought it straight away. The box is damn huge. The biggest movie toy box, bigger than Ultimate Bumblebee. Well as usual they repaint Arcee and Prime in this. A must BUY!

Second thing about this would be the price, its retail price is reasonable and I heard its Cosco Exclusive?


Ultraman!!! The passion ignites my fire or should I say I'm losing control? Got these 3 huge Ultraman from a toy seller at a very reasonable price. I am happy to say that sometimes there are people willing to help me for my collections but is it a good thing or a bad thing? Little that I know that Ultraman is a very expensive toy as well. My experience in Singapore tells me that there are lots of crazy collector on this as well. Really have to becareful on this...


The infamous 0.000000005 sec transformation to Gavan. Could say, one of the earliest version of real life action hero after Ultraman. Got this lately from a Japanese seller. Love it and this is a reissue from Banpresto.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Transformers Hasbro Classics Twin Pack Optimus Prime Vs. Ultra Magnus

New packaging looks good.

Like the TRU Soundwave packaging..

Well, I guess this piece is worth the money. Great packaging and comes with 2 very interesting characters, Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus. Its a must for OP collectors!!

Transformers The Movie 2 Disc DVD Limited Edition!!

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It says it all, Limited Edition!! Its Region 3 and not Region 1. Disc 2 is nice with lots of backstage talking with Spielberg and Bay. There are so many reasons voiced out for the production of Transformers. No deleted scenes are detected so far. Quality is top class!

Dragonball Z, Hybrid style! GOTENKS!

Well a very good friend gave this to me lately. Very happy! This are the latest version of Dragonball Z I assume. Kamekameha!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Marvel Collections!

A bit from here and there. X Men, Iron man Spiderman and some Silver surfer.... So far at the moment, not going to far from here. Trying to get rid some of my transformers collections and more room for other stuffs.

Keroro Mania

Keroro Mania!!! This are the ones that I had assemble lately. Not going to assemble anything anymore until I find space for them. Been trying to get spaces for them and manage to kick out some transformers for them, poor keroro.... Keroro rocks! Kero kero kero!!!

Latest Hauls!! Elita One, BB Twin Pack and Chrome Meg!

It supposed to be target exclusive. Well Elita One from G1 is the gf of Optimus Prime and hence from previous life as well from the series.

I didn't notice the '08 version is battle damage.

I didn't want this at first by looking at the picture. However, when I took a look at it, I got it. Lovely piece better that voyager I must admit. That's all for today. Thanks for looking!

Monday, October 1, 2007

My MOST PRIZED Collection Up to Date!

My most prized collections up to date, with the likes of Metrotitan. Got this lately and really happy to have this. My first Lucky Draw Transformers. Takara Airazor, Ratrap and Cheetor. I don't know what's the difference but who cares! Till all are ONE!

Transformers G1 Springer Review!

The one of the main guys in the Transformers The Movie the original. Manage to get this piece after years of searching. Well as a vintage collector, this is a worth piece. However, without stickers applied, this guy looks naked.

Transformers BT-18 Rijie

One of the best Binaltech I have I must say. When I opened the box, I was like WHOAAA! Well, it looks like it really worth it. The price has one up doubled since it touches down few weeks ago. Well, BT lovers, its a must get! By the way, its plastic and not metal! I'm still reluctant to play it, let it be for a while....

Kiss Players Transformers Tomy Takara Review

At first I thought the color sux but later on when I opened and played on it. It is so damn cute! I never regret getting this...ever... I think I'm officially opening my account on Kiss series... LOL