Monday, May 28, 2007

Transformers G1 Targetmaster Needlenose

Needlenose and 2 targetmasters. Will update once I got more info.

Transformers G1 Stunticons Menasor

Stunticons! Leader Motormaster (black truck), Breakdown (white car), Drag Strip (yellow car),
Wildrider(grey car), Dead End (Maroon car), they combined to Menasor. Natural enemy of Superion in G1 and Headmasters Series. One of the most sought after combiners, however there are fake version of this. Vintage versions are partial diecast and of course with the insignia and the dates of productions. Vintages are made in Japan.

Transformers Car Robots Brave Maximus!!

The box itself its huge.
Brave Maximus its big and huge!
Box is the same size as Fotress Maximus.
Same mold but different color from the vintage G1 Fortress Maximus. The minus point of Brave Max is the missing parts of weapons unlike Fortress. This baby weighs around 7kg, so its solid! A must for collector even its not from G1. It will makes your dream comes true!