Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Transformers Alternators WindCharger Hasbro

Transformers Alternators no. 10, WindCharger (Honda S2000). Surprisingly I got this at a very good price. It was a few years back. Alternators were not that popular at the moment, I would say it was Binaltech era. However, when collectors found out about paint chips caused by Binaltech's die cast, Alternators price sky rocketed.

Sold this piece last year, clearing for space.

Transformers Galaxy Force Flame Convoy (Scourge) Takara

Takara's Flame Convoy or Scourge by Hasbro. A triple changer from robot mode to single head or triple head flaming dragon. It is first issued by Takara before the series made to US. Later on a whole line of Cybertron from Hasbro issued based on Galaxy Force. After the released of Hasbro, Takara version became more popular and pricy too. Recently, it is reissued again under Transformers Universe's Bruticus. A blue version was made under Hasbro named Cyro-Scourge.

Tranformers Alternators Swindle (Box Type) Hasbro

There's 2 Swindles in the Transformers Alternators Line. This is the earlier version. There will be another "bowl" box version released as well. Swindle is actually a repaint of Hound version. However, both this 2 characters are extremely unpopular among Transformers collectors. Most likely because of its Jeep mode.

I sold this last year, clearing off all my Alternators line.

Transformers Binaltech Asterisk 01 Alert with AI + 02 Sunstreaker with Junko

Transformers Binaltech Asterisk 01 Alert with AI + 02 Sunstreaker with Junko. It's suppose to have a set of 3. However I managed to purchase 2 of them. Due to the success of the binaltech series, Takara experimented with a new line called Asterisk with 3 figures. Asterisk line came with a small girl PVC figure. Takara seeing the success of Binaltech was trying to tap to a different market. The results? It was a big flop. The whole idea was dropped and instead Kiss line was created after that.

I sold 2 of them after I decided to clear all my Alternators and Binaltech series.

Hasbro Star Wars SDCC Obi Wan and Yoda

Released in 2007. Star Wars Coin Edition SDCC Obi Wan and Yoda! The figure is to remembrance the "original" Obi Wan and Yoda. May The Force Be With You.