Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Transformers G1 Cosmos Takara 1984

Cosmos is in the second minibots series of 5 made later on. Also heavily involved in the Transformers series, its a must get for die-hard fan. Takara reissued it again but made in China.

Transformers G1 Brawn, Minibots 1983 Takara

One of the six earliest minibots of Transformers, Brawn. Made in Japan, Takara 1983 is a must get as his involvements in Transformers G1 Original series. Theres no complication for transforming or playing this piece but the sentimental value of this piece that matters. Takara reissued it but made in China.

Transformers Kaiyodo G1 Revoltech 19 Ultra Magnus Exclusive Review!

I have been looking this piece for the past week and manage to find it at a very good price. I will maintain this as MISB. Its a good piece from Kaiyodo!

WSTF Fortress Maximus MINI KO Transformers G1 Review!

For who ever that wants a Fort Max so badly, think of this. Its so close to the real one just that the size is small. Can transformed to 3 modes and it looks exactly as the real one. The best part is it is not pricy at all. This is one of the best China reproduction i have seen in time. Due to this, please don't try to transform in force, a few parts are easily dismantled but not broken. However, the head Cerebros and Spike cannot be transformed. Yet again, what can you expect more than this? Thumbs up!
My Fort Max and Brave Max, and the missing Grand Max will be acquired if I kena lottery! LOL.