Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Transformers G2 Bumblebee

I'm a big fan of this gold chrome Bumblebee and I'm also a big fan of yellow G1 Bumblebee. I love both of them. Well, there are couple of repaints of Bumblebee and such. I should say its a must get for Bumblebee collector. Its an awe!

Transformers G2 Cliffjumper

Wicked robot mode with chilly red chrome!
G2, Made in China!
Forget Ferrari red, check out the hot chilly red Cliffjumper!

The red chrome is stunning. Should I say more here? I prefer this G2 than the original G1 red. This is hot!

Transformers G2 Beachcomber

Beachcomber turned green in G2. Robot mode!
Buggy mode!
I love the green chrome but I still prefer the original G1 blue color. G2 series are mostly produced in China. This is no exception but the quality is still there yet. Not till lately though. Insignia is replaced by just a normal Autobot logo paint on.

Transformers G2 Seaspray

Chrome blue, robot mode
Made in China, G2 starts to manufacture in China
Sleek hovercraft mode with original blue chrome...

Not much people are big fans of G2. I'm kinda picking it up lately but this chrome repaints are my favourites. The chrome shiny blue is a killer. Well I feel its nicer than the original seaspray.