Thursday, February 26, 2009

Transformers Takara Armada MC-06 Optimus Prime

One of the few Armadas I had. Had, means I sold this. Sold it last year because I had the full version with trailer. I got this from Singapore. This is the deluxe version of Optimus Prime Armada series.

Dragonball Z Super Battle Collection No. 18 Gotenks Bandai

The normal version of Gotenks. Gotenks are transformation of Go Ten (son of Son Goku) and Trunks (son of Vegeta). Made by Bandai, I got this from a warehouse sale few years ago.

I loved this character in manga particularly against evil Majinbu. A different of variety of combo moves with Picollo.

There are newer version of this issued by Bandai. More articulations.