Monday, October 1, 2007

My MOST PRIZED Collection Up to Date!

My most prized collections up to date, with the likes of Metrotitan. Got this lately and really happy to have this. My first Lucky Draw Transformers. Takara Airazor, Ratrap and Cheetor. I don't know what's the difference but who cares! Till all are ONE!

Transformers G1 Springer Review!

The one of the main guys in the Transformers The Movie the original. Manage to get this piece after years of searching. Well as a vintage collector, this is a worth piece. However, without stickers applied, this guy looks naked.

Transformers BT-18 Rijie

One of the best Binaltech I have I must say. When I opened the box, I was like WHOAAA! Well, it looks like it really worth it. The price has one up doubled since it touches down few weeks ago. Well, BT lovers, its a must get! By the way, its plastic and not metal! I'm still reluctant to play it, let it be for a while....

Kiss Players Transformers Tomy Takara Review

At first I thought the color sux but later on when I opened and played on it. It is so damn cute! I never regret getting this...ever... I think I'm officially opening my account on Kiss series... LOL

Transformers G1 Headmaster Horrorcon Apeface

Transformers G1 Superion Vintage

aThe last of my superions. The 5 Aerialbots that merged into Superion. I'm selling the left hand side of the Superion by the way. One of the earliest combiner of Transformers. This are 20 year old vintage toys not the new ones.