Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Transformers Tomy Takara Movie Edition Starscream

Tomy Takara The Movie Starscream edition smaller than the Hasbro version. Fully japanese version. The plane mode is "fatter" and smaller.

Transformers Takara The Movie Optimus Prime

Takara Movie Edition Optimus Prime. The reason I'm getting this because of the Tomy Takara's japanese printing and its not the Hasbro's Prime that I got. It just a different version that I wouldn't mind to add to my collections.

Transformers G1 Sparkabot Fizzle

Unfortunately, my sparkabot is not sparking anymore. Fizzle is a set of 3 with the remaining 2 in my hunt as well. Doesn't comes with any weapon. As it is, just an addition to my collections.

Transformers G1 Ruckus Decepticon

The later G1, 1987 onwards. Decepticon Ruckus doesn't comes with any weapons or accessories. Simple transformation is an additional to collection.