Monday, May 7, 2007

Transformers G1 Cassette Ratbat and Frenzy MOSC Set

Its hard to explain the feeling getting Ratbat. The evil decepticon cassette from Soundwave. This set comes with Frenzy as well. Noticed that this cassettes comes with accesories and weapons that tend to get lost. I'm still packaged it nicely until one day I will open it and play.

Transformers G1 Swoop MISB Review

Finally I got Swoop with box. The hardest to get Dinobot, Swoop can be easily broken and it is hard to maintain. Its not for those rough collectors where the beak tends to break easily. From G1, Generation One, Swoop is one of the later Dinobot created by Wheeljacks. The only flying/airbourne Dinobot, Swoop attacks with his missile launchers which included as accesories. The chrome part is hard to maintain has well as it is easily get chip paints. I always love the Dinobots... This one as well... :)