Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Marvel Collections!

A bit from here and there. X Men, Iron man Spiderman and some Silver surfer.... So far at the moment, not going to far from here. Trying to get rid some of my transformers collections and more room for other stuffs.

Keroro Mania

Keroro Mania!!! This are the ones that I had assemble lately. Not going to assemble anything anymore until I find space for them. Been trying to get spaces for them and manage to kick out some transformers for them, poor keroro.... Keroro rocks! Kero kero kero!!!

Latest Hauls!! Elita One, BB Twin Pack and Chrome Meg!

It supposed to be target exclusive. Well Elita One from G1 is the gf of Optimus Prime and hence from previous life as well from the series.

I didn't notice the '08 version is battle damage.

I didn't want this at first by looking at the picture. However, when I took a look at it, I got it. Lovely piece better that voyager I must admit. That's all for today. Thanks for looking!