Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Transformers Hasbro Classics Twin Pack Optimus Prime Vs. Ultra Magnus

New packaging looks good.

Like the TRU Soundwave packaging..

Well, I guess this piece is worth the money. Great packaging and comes with 2 very interesting characters, Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus. Its a must for OP collectors!!

Transformers The Movie 2 Disc DVD Limited Edition!!

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It says it all, Limited Edition!! Its Region 3 and not Region 1. Disc 2 is nice with lots of backstage talking with Spielberg and Bay. There are so many reasons voiced out for the production of Transformers. No deleted scenes are detected so far. Quality is top class!

Dragonball Z, Hybrid style! GOTENKS!

Well a very good friend gave this to me lately. Very happy! This are the latest version of Dragonball Z I assume. Kamekameha!!!!