Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TF Animated Ratchet Review

Check out the weapons!
4 weapons to be precise!
2 hand weapons!
Getting this Animated craze is not my whole idea. My first hand on Ratchet like the other Animated as its quite identical to G1. There are 4 weapons. Things I noticed, since I transform this without manual. When pushing the head in, transforming to van mode, becareful. I stuck the head into and can't take it out. I sense that I stuck it wrongly or the infamous spring problem. Since I reviewed this at the toy shop, I didn't rectify this head problem as I didn't have my screwdriver set with me. Just becareful on this. Other than that, there's nothing much to worry about. Paintjob is so so depending your luck I guess. Like I said, its a decent piece with the price you paying for.