Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Transformers Cybertron Legends Sunstorm

This would be my favorite Cybertron Legends. I love the color and transformation is a bit tricky for this. Theres a tendency that the joints will come out especially on the leg. This figure is worth to get!

Transformers Cybertron Legends Thundercracker

My second Cybertron Legends toy. Thundercracker, easier to transform but this figure comes with weapon.

Transformers Cybertron Legends Fireflight

I bought a lot of 3 includes this Fireflight. I was searching for this guy's name on Ebay for a while and manage to find it. Its quite fun to play with Fireflight even though its so small. I still feel its a bit pricy for a small toy like this

Transformers Micromaster base Ironworks with box

My second Micromaster base Ironworks. This set though doesn't come with the small figure. It looks good as well. Hands might get itchy with micromasters.

Transformers Micromaster Base Airwave with box

My first Micromaster base, Airwave. It comes with the small figure. Its quite cool actually.

Transformers G1 Decepticon Clones Pounce and Wingspan Complete

Hot from post office today, I receive this 2 lovely figures. I have been hunting this 2 since I sold them earlier this year. The transformation is a bit of hard work not that tricky but this 2 are lovely toys. I prefer this 2 than the autobot clones. I manage to get this 2 figures complete with the accessories. Can u differentiate which one is which one?