Thursday, November 22, 2007

Transformers Hasbro Tri Pack! OP, Starscream and Arcee

Damn Huge BOX!!!
When I head of this coming out, I was reluctant to buy... until I saw the pack, I just bought it straight away. The box is damn huge. The biggest movie toy box, bigger than Ultimate Bumblebee. Well as usual they repaint Arcee and Prime in this. A must BUY!

Second thing about this would be the price, its retail price is reasonable and I heard its Cosco Exclusive?


Ultraman!!! The passion ignites my fire or should I say I'm losing control? Got these 3 huge Ultraman from a toy seller at a very reasonable price. I am happy to say that sometimes there are people willing to help me for my collections but is it a good thing or a bad thing? Little that I know that Ultraman is a very expensive toy as well. My experience in Singapore tells me that there are lots of crazy collector on this as well. Really have to becareful on this...


The infamous 0.000000005 sec transformation to Gavan. Could say, one of the earliest version of real life action hero after Ultraman. Got this lately from a Japanese seller. Love it and this is a reissue from Banpresto.